The Happy Baby Bum Balm Story

Happy Baby Bum Balm was first created out of an urgent need to help my baby.

He suffered terribly from nappy rash. An initially undiagnosed lactose intolerance and windy tummy after feeding meant that no.2s were highly acidic and burnt his poor sensitive skin horribly. I tried product after product but everything just seemed to make the problem worse.

I was new to this being a mum gig, but experienced as an aromatherapist and producer of natural skin care products, so I set about to create something that would help him. The results exceeded all expectations.

The soothing and nurturing properties of natural shea butter, and coconut oil , with the natural healing and protective properties of manuka honey and bees wax marry together to create a non greasy product that soothes, nurtures and protects babys sensitive skin, giving it the best possible conditions to naturally heal. 

"Happy Baby Bum Balm was first created to help my baby and now I’m so excited to bring it to you to assist you and your baby."

Carley Borman

Founder Healing Mummas

Carley & her first bub